Why should you consider getting a nitrogen generator in your lab?

by renuyadav
Nitrogen Generator

In most modern labs, it is a good practice to be prepared for different types of eventualities regarding the multiple varieties of experiments that get done there. Having different types of furniture is crucial because it will ensure that you can work on multiple type of experiments. Having a nitrogen generator is vital for the simple fact that nitrogen is a vital component of several experiments. This small article will outline why you should use nitrogen generators in your lab.

Nitrogen gas is important in several types of scientific experiments. Nitrogen is primarily used as a form of replacement for various types of inert gases in specific experiments where oxidation can be a problem. Nitrogen is also important to make storage chambers which can prevent contamination because it will not react with any stored material. You can also isolate nitrogen and purify it later on.

Why should you get a nitrogen generator?

A nitrogen generator can provide an efficient system of running nitrogen supply in your lab. You will get a reliable and steady flow of dry nitrogen and use it whenever you want.

The benefits of a nitrogen generator are many:

Saves up on operating costs

A nitrogen generator will cut out all operating costs of renting out tanks for delivering nitrogen from other sources. It will save an enormous amount of money in the long term. You can use this saved money to invest on other features of your lab. Your main savings are from the department of logistics because transferring nitrogen from another source on a regular basis can be quite costly. It will also require a lot of effort and planning on your part. However, a generator will remove all these problems.

No constraint on supply

Outside sources of nitrogen can often place curbs and limits on the amount of nitrogen that you can acquire. However, if you had your own nitrogen generator then you would not need to worry about these things. Nitrogen generators require only a line of compress and it utilizes the atmospheric air to produce pure nitrogen gas. You do not need to plug it in any external electric supply. Hence, you can safely acquire as much nitrogen as you want. It will ensure that you can perform your experiments without facing any impediments because there would be no limit on the amount of nitrogen that you can use.

Adjust the purity of the nitrogen and control its flow rate

With a Nitrogen Generators, it is easy to procure pure nitrogen without any impurities. A lot of times, you need to use pure nitrogen for conducting experiments which outside sources cannot provide. But a nitrogen generator can effectively deal with this problem. Additionally, you can control the flow rate of the gas as per your specific requirements.

Compact Equipment

A nitrogen generator is quite portable. It is slim and has a tower-like design. It will not take up much floor space. Hence, you can find it quite flexible inside the lab and move it around easily.

Easy to maintain

A nitrogen generator is a low maintenance equipment. It does not take a lot of time to reload or to move around. It will work for a long time without any issue whatsoever. You will need to do a filter change in around 7 years. Hence, these generators can be extremely efficient because they work on a low budget for years on end.

You can buy nitrogen generators from both online and offline retailers. However, online retailers will offer you more discounts and better deals. You can search for Nitrogen Generatorson the internet to find some good suppliers of Laboratory Equipment. You need to check up on the credentials of your lab equipment supplier before making any purchase. Try to check the reviews left by former clients regarding their after sales service to get a good idea about the quality of their service. You should buy nitrogen generators from experienced and reputed suppliers only.


Lab furniture and nitrogen generators are of immense importance in the laboratory. They are easily available from online stores. Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article will have helped you.

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