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Kalsubai Mountain is the highest purpose in Maharashtra with AN elevation of 1646 meters (5400) feet. The range of mountains may be a part of the Harishchandragad life Sanctuary.

The fascinating people behind the height is, it’s aforementioned that a Koli woman named Kalsu took service with a Koli family in a very sure condition however she was betrayed so she was determined to climb up Capitol Hill and be prime wherever no one may realize her. From that day ahead the Mountain prime was called Kalsubai and in her remembrance, the temple is additionally engineered as she was eternal.


Kalsubai temple is found at the utmost summit. At the summit there’s an evident ground with alittle temple of Kalsubai, an area spiritual being. A standard prayer (pooja) service is commanded each Tuesday and weekday by an area priest. native villagers sell the pooja materials the majority year long, whereas they cause their cows for grazing. On Navratri occasions several stalls get wind of atop the summit for the pooja materials. Throughout the Navratri amount, for all 9 days, special poojas are administered and also the idol is totally adorned. Special Mela (fair) is organized for Navratri.


Kalsubai is around a hundred and eighty klick from Pune and around 150–160 klick from the city. We have a tendency to leave from Pune late in the dead of night on bikes. We have a tendency to reach Bari, the bottom village, at intervals of five hours. Drive fastidiously as a result of it is a terribly arduous mountainous road. it’s a really nice village, and it will be terribly nice if you reach there early morning as a result of the situation of this space is incredibly stunning to stay in our eyes forever.

At village Bari, once you reach within the morning, you may get terribly early cordial reception service at many homes over there. If you wish very little new amendment in cleaning your teeth, attempt to demand their native “misari”, it’s native tooth powder, which supplies you a replacement freshness. strive for a pinch of it becoz it will coz of some vertigo. (Note- strive at your own risk). you may get regular breakfast (poha), and tea. And take some parcels with you if you wish. The village has a car parking zone close to Maruti mandir. Take an honest quantity of water with you from the village itself.

Then you’ll be able to begin to trek, attempt to build it early within the morning, as a result of once the sun is on your head you may get fussy. thus begin early. It will take just 1:30 to a pair of hours to climb. you’ll be able to see varied situations, mountains around Kalsubai, reading of Bhandardara dam can offer you heavenly pleasure.


Kalsubai trek will opt-in any season, however there would be a lot of risk concerned throughout serious rains compared to alternative seasons. throughout summers you’ll be able to forever choose an evening trek thus you’ll be able to avoid the recent sun ,winter particularly between the Gregorian calendar month to Feb you’ll be able to simply trek the mountain during the daytime too.

Summer offers a brown desert landscape read and monsoon offers the luxurious inexperienced mountain views with eternal waterfalls around.


Kalsubai is best done in the dead of night if you propose throughout the summer season thus you avoid the warmth, however if you propose alone then winter is additionally an honest choice. throughout monsoon, it gets risky however still, those that have smart mount expertise favor trek throughout the season.

You are counseled to remain within the region for a minimum of 2–3 days and explore the nearby places too as they’re too stunning to kiss out. The total space around is incredibly stunning to capture in your recollections. you’ll be able to realize varied tent service suppliers over there. varied resorts are obtainable.

You can wander around Bhandardara dam for one whole day. At intervals that you’ll visit SandhanValley, that may be a terribly celebrated and close to village Samrad. Kokankada is one in every of the celebrated traveller attractions.

Lastly once you reach Shendi, another village, once finishing your spherical. strive Bhel over there it’ll undoubtedly cause you to forget the other your favorite bhel.

At finish of could and before begin of descending you get probability to look at the special form of nature pageant over there, i.e. Kajawa Mahotsav, that may be a fireflies development that appears splendid naturally due to the terribly stunning event of natural lightning. you’ll be able to see all the sunshine from these flies, it’s heavenly pleasure to possess the prospect to ascertain it.

Enjoy your trek and a full trip around Kalsubai & Bhandardara.

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