5 Reasons Why Fantasy Cricket is the Latest Gaming Trend

by mansi

It is no secret that cricket holds a special place in the lives of Indians; it is even considered a religion by many.

People love to stay updated with the daily occurrences in world cricket regardless of the team they support.

Be it about the cricketers, coaches, stadiums, statistics, records, etc., Indians love to absorb any and every related news.

Fantasy cricket is another branch of the sport that has gained massive popularity of late, and it continues to grow strong thanks to the number of tournaments and series played every year.

It is also a great source of earning extra cash, as there are huge rewards to be won.

To play fantasy cricket, all you have to do is download and install a fantasy app on your mobile device.

On game day, you need to create a team consisting of 11 players, who you think will perform well.

Each of the cricketers is assigned a playing score which builds up based on their performance.

If you have not yet tried fantasy cricket, you should know that there is a lot in store for you that you are missing out on.

So, in order to reap those rewards, download the gaming app and dive into the world of fantasy cricket.

In case cash rewards are not enough of a convincing factor, read below to know why fantasy cricket is a trending subject in India – 

Cash Rewards and Prizes

You can’t really blame people for chasing cash rewards; after all, they are the USP and the major reason behind the success of fantasy apps.

People love winning at sports as it instills confidence in them and rewards such as money and merchandise only motivate them further.

Millions of Indians participate in fantasy cricket, and to emerge as a victor among that many people can have life-altering effects.

Over the years, a lot of domestic tournaments have emerged giving fantasy players the chance to participate in them. Then, there are the usual and international series for you to try your hands at.

If you think you have the right knowledge and expertise to create a fantasy team, nothing should stop you from targeting the prizes.

Top Notch Fan Engagement

Another reason behind the popularity of fantasy cricket is its ability to attract fans who revere cricket. Fantasy cricket is at its prime every year during IPL Fantasy League, which is arguably the best T20 tournament in cricket.

The tournament makes for stupendous viewership numbers, both domestically and in overseas nations. A tournament as grand as the Indian T20 League paves way for fans to congregate through fantasy apps, as they compete against each other to win the top prize.

By means of fan engagement, it presents cricket fans the chance to express their voice about different team combinations and selections.

Even a simple post on social media by a fantasy app developer regarding a particular match has the potential to draw massive crowds.

A Great Place to Socialise

Cricket is a great sport to follow if you love to socialise.

Although fantasy cricket does not qualify as a team sport, it gives you the chance to interact with your fellow players.

Competing with others, who love the sport as much as you do, sets up a platform to exchange information.

By using tips and tricks from experienced players, you can boost your chances, which in turn can keep you engaged and excited in future games.

The Power to Create the Perfect Team

Fantasy cricket gives you the power to create unimaginable and perfect teams, combinations that you could only dream about.

Your team can comprise the mixture of the most star-studded players and uncapped cricketers, who are looking to make a name for themselves.

It is, however, important for you to know that you can only pick a maximum of 7 players from a single team.

You also have the power to choose your own captain and vice-captain, who carry bonus points to put your fantasy team among the best of the best at the top.

A pivotal thing to do is wait for the toss to happen before you create a team because that is when the playing XI gets decided.

Creating a team beforehand can result in exclusion of players from your fantasy team if they are rested.

A Medium to Learn More about Cricket

Cricket, as a sport, is more about just batting, bowling, and fielding.

A true fan knows the value of a good pitch and weather conditions, factors that can affect the result of the match.

In cricket, injuries and resting players are a common occurrence, which is why it is advised that you do not create your fantasy team before the toss.

The toss is when the captains reveal their playing XIs; if you create a team beforehand, chances are that you might notice that a couple of your players have been replaced, resulting in you losing fantasy points.

When you learn more about cricket, you can use the data on hands to create the ideal team that will bring you good points.


If you have ever wondered why fantasy cricket is popular, these are the reasons.

Fantasy cricket can make for a joyous experience if you love the sport.

It is highly competitive and continues to attract thousands of new players every day.

The developers of fantasy cricket apps ensure that the platform is secure at all times; they are also ready to offer any assistance in case the players experience technical difficulties.

Overall, fantasy cricket is here to stay.

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