Use of IoT in Blockchain Technology – What Will Be Future?

by Chris Greenwalty
Use of IoT in Blockchain Technology

What is IoT?

IoT is the network of physical objects that we can embed with sensors and blockchain technology. Its main purpose is to exchange the data with other devices and systems. While exchanging the data over devices and networks, we can make use of the internet. In these devices, there comes a wide variety of objects. It means that various household tools to industrial tools come into IoT devices. Nowadays, there are almost 10 billion connected IoT devices. The experts are expecting that this number will reach up to 22 billion by the end of 2025. In the 21st century, we can’t deny the importance of IoT. This technology is connecting everyday objects to various industrial objects. Smart manufacturing, smart cities and smart grids are the most important uses of IoT.

What is Blockchain Technology?

Blockchain technology consists of a decentralized and distributed ledger. We can use it to record the provenance of digital assets. Based on the design of blockchain technology, we can’t modify its data. That’s why we can easily use it as a legitimate way of making payments. By using blockchain technology, we can ensure the transparency of digital assets. We can easily understand the functions of blockchain technology by understanding the functions of Google Docs. By using Google Docs, we can easily create documents. After creating these documents, we can distribute these documents rather than copying or transferring them. It is creating a decentralized distribution chain for the users. It means that it is providing real-time access to the people.

Use of IoT in Blockchain Technology:

IoT is gaining momentum across the world. Lots of companies are using IoT. These things are opening the ways of using IoT for smart cities. While using IoT for different purposes, we have to face various security challenges. To overcome these challenges, we can make use of blockchain technology. After introducing blockchain tech in IoT devices, we can prevent the devices from hacking and altering the data. By using blockchain technology in the IoT, we can connect all the devices. When we will pass our data through these things, blockchain tech will ensure the security of that data. If we don’t introduce blockchain technology in IoT, anyone can get access to our devices.

When anyone can get access to our devices, this thing can create some serious problems for us. Its reason is that our data is our most important asset. If we will allow the free flow of that data, we will lose control of these things. We can also use this data for our personal uses. For the management of the data flow, we can introduce some essential features in the data flow. In these features, there comes trust and transparency. While creating these things, we have to embed the chips. These chips will control the flow of data in these devices. After programming this chip, we have to deploy it on blockchain technology.

Future of Using IoT in Blockchain Technology:

When we will introduce blockchain technology in IoT devices, we can reshape our world. Here, experts of a dissertation help firm will discuss the future of using IoT in blockchain technology.

Secure Smart Cities:

With the introduction of the IoT in blockchain technology, we can develop the smart cities infrastructure. If we are going to develop this infrastructure just by using IoT, we have to face the problems of hacking. To overcome this problem, we have to use the combination of IoT and blockchain tech. This technology will provide security at every node of the network. Therefore, it will make it almost impossible for hackers to hack that network.

Pay-as-you-go Transportation:

When we will use the combination of IoT and blockchain technology, we can also bring transformations in transportation. Blockchain tech will create a decentralized network. It will provide the secured pay-as-you-go mobility services. With the help of these services, we can bring transformations to the transportation system.

Bring Improvements in Manufacturing:

For the productivity monitor software and real-time analysis of the machines, the manufacturers are using IoT based sensors. With the help of these sensors, they can identify the problems before they happen. Anyhow, they are facing some problems to ensure the security of the data within the systems. That’s why they are trying to introduce blockchain tech in this system. After successfully introducing blockchain technology in this system, they can ensure the security of the data.

Transparency in Supply Chains:

Along with manufacturing, we are also using IoT sensors in supply chain management. By using these sensors, they can easily trace and track products. When we will integrate blockchain technology with IoT, we can ensure security in all facets of the supply chain. This thing is creating faster and most secure systems for the users. By using this technology, we can also improve the quality of the products. As a result, we can easily boost up the loyalty of the customers.

Helpful in Consumer Transparency:

Nowadays, consumers are facing lots of security problems with their data. They don’t know where they are keeping their data, how they are transferring the data and who are getting access to their data. Consumers are not getting satisfactory answers to these questions. To provide satisfactory answers to these questions, we have to introduce blockchain tech. It will keep a record of all the communications that are happening in the IoT devices.

Efficient Regulations:

Maintaining the IoT data is also a problem for us. This thing is creating some problems in the regulation of the data. To overcome this problem, we can also make use of blockchain tech. It will empower regulations by ensuring security and transparency in the data. They can also regularize all the activities and organizations. Scientists are still working on blockchain technology. If we want to use it for the growth of IoT devices, we will have to stay up-to-date with the latest advancements. The experts are saying that the integration of blockchain tech in IoT devices will last some positive impacts on the industry. It will bring lots of advancements in healthcare and other departments.

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