How To Revive Your Old Dried Lipstick

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How To Revive Your Old Dried Lipstick

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been frustrated by a dried-out liquid lipstick! We rely on our lip colours to enhance our beauty, so to see them cracked and dry is a huge letdown. But fear not; we have some creative hacks to bring new life to your favourite liquid lipstick.

Read on as we dive into the world of lipstick revival, uncovering tips to bring back their lusciousness. Not just that, you’ll also discover the best budget-friendly formulas that won’t dry out quickly with tira experts on your side.

What Sets Liquid Lipsticks Apart?

Liquid lipsticks have taken the beauty world by storm with their highly pigmented and long-lasting formulas. Unlike traditional lipsticks, liquid lipsticks come in a tube with a wand applicator and have a creamy to liquid consistency. They quickly dry down on the lips and create a transfer-proof and vibrant colour that lasts throughout the day. They are much preferred when you do not want to re-apply the lipstick throughout the day.

How Does Liquid Lipstick Dry Out?

The lifespan of a liquid lipstick begins to diminish as soon as you unseal the tube. The primary reason for liquid lipsticks drying out is prolonged exposure to air. As time goes by, the oils in the lipstick can separate from the pigment and lead to a flaky and dry texture.

The drying process varies depending on the brand and formulation. Once a liquid lipstick has completely dried out, it becomes challenging to apply. But worry not, as we have some fantastic tips to revive them.

Pro Tips to Revive Your Dried Liquid Lipsticks

Don’t give up on your dried-out liquid lipsticks just yet! Try these clever hacks to revive them and make them as good as new:

#1 Makeup mixing liquid

If you have a makeup mixing liquid on hand, this is the easiest solution to revive your dried lipstick. This gel-like transparent liquid works wonders in restoring the texture and consistency of dried makeup without compromising its formulation. Although these liquids can be a bit pricey and have a limited shelf life, they are worth the investment if you want to revive multiple dried-out products.

#2 Dip in warm water

Give your lipstick a warm water bath to soften it up. Fill a bowl with warm water and place the lipstick tube in it for about 10-15 minutes. Remove the tube from the water and gently roll it between your palms for a couple of minutes. This warming technique helps to liquefy the lipstick and redistributes the product within the tube. Keep in mind that this method works best when the lipstick is not completely dried out.

#3 Coconut/avocado oil

For liquid lipsticks with an oil base and hydrating formulas, coconut or avocado oil can work wonders. All you have to do is add one or two drops of the oil into the tube, then close it tightly. Shake the tube vigorously or rapidly pull the wand in and out to mix the pigments with the oil. Make sure not to overdo it, as excessive oil can cause the pigments to break. You can also use a dry oil like avocado oil, which is lightweight and easily absorbed without compromising the transfer-proof feature of your lipstick.

#4 Hair dryer

For those who prefer a quick fix, grab a hair dryer! Set it to the highest setting and warm the lipstick tube from a safe distance. The heat will melt the lipstick, allowing it to regain its original consistency. However, ensure to exercise caution and avoid touching the tube immediately after using the hair dryer, as it can become quite hot and potentially burn your hands.

Top Recommendations for Liquid Lipstick

Here are a few recommendations for high-quality liquid lipsticks from tira experts:

1. ETUDE HOUSE House Dear Darling Water Gel Tint 

Etude House has several lip products which are perfect if you are inspired by Korean celebrities and their makeup. The water tint is a very lightweight formula that is not too pigmented. Hence, you get a very natural finish with this lipstick.

2. Makeup Revolution Matte Lipstick

Makeup Revolution has several quality products that include matte lipstick. It is a hydrating formula that lasts for a long time without drying the lips. They also have attractive shade ranges where everyone will find something to their taste.

3. Revlon Colorstay Satin Ink Liquid Lip Color

The Revlon Colorstay Satin ink liquid is insanely pigmented and yet does not look streaky. The formula has a slight sheen even after drying down on the lips. It is transfer-proof but does not make your lips parched in the long run.

How to Choose the Best Liquid Lipstick Formula to Avoid Drying?

With so many brands and formulas available, choosing the right liquid lipstick can be daunting. Here are some tips to help you select the perfect formula that won’t dry out easily:

  • Consider the brand behind the product. If you are familiar with their past formulas and like them, that is a great advantage too.
  • Apply the liquid lipstick tester to check the colour as well as the formula while you buy. Take three to four hours to determine if your lips feel dry or not. A formula that is too drying on the lips will eventually dry out in the bottle too.
  • If you are shopping online, check out the reviews from genuine users. Also, check forums and YouTube videos of trusted influencers to get an idea.
  • Consider the price point alongside the brand’s reputation. If the price seems too low for the brand’s usual standards, the formula is likely compromised.

Choosing a liquid lipstick is not very tricky. But what comes after that – in terms of making the most of the product – can be challenging. Well, not anymore, we hope! With these clever tips up your sleeve, you can give your dried liquid lipsticks a new lease on life. Say goodbye to wasted products and hello to a revived lip colour collection.

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