7 popular features of vinyl plank flooring

by martinahale
Vinyl Flooring columbus

Probably vinyl plank flooring is one of the best flooring choices today. Vinyl flooring mainly exists in three basic types. However main types include tiles, sheets and planks. Undoubtedly there are several myths and misconceptions about vinyl plank flooring. Indeed all of them are false. Remember vinyl flooring is not like the past vinyl floors. They are much different.

Today you can get vinyl planks that truly mimics the hardwood. Vinyl planks have a good moisture resistance. Along with ideal moisture resistance these floors also have good stain resistance. This is not only an economical flooring option but also beautiful as well.

Now, you don’t have to worry about the cost. By paying a little amount you can truly attain a hardwood look. These floors are easy to clean. In fact, you do not need any extensive maintenance.

1- Moisture resistance

Vinyl plank flooring in columbus is resistant to moisture. Therefore you can use this flooring in kitchens, bathroom, mudroom, laundries, and all other places. undoubtedly hardwood is not a good choice for such space. So, vinyl is not less than magic for such places. You can fearlessly use 

these floors in any area of your choice.

2- Maintenance

Unlike other flooring types, vinyl planks are easy to clean. These floors only require occasional cleaning. These floors easily work in high traffic areas. So, opting for this floor is the best choice.

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3- Scratch-resistant

Vinyl plank flooring is not so delicate. So, you can easily use this flooring anywhere. It is designed for living not merely for decoration. Furthermore, vinyl planks do not develop scratches easily. It is both kids as well as pets-friendly. It is highly durable. Therefore you can use it anywhere.

4- Aesthetic visuals

Vinyl planks strongly mimic hardwood or ceramic stone. there are many options. Therefore you can easily select the one that suits your taste.

5- Wide variety

Vinyl plank flooring exists in various styles and designs. There are many options in terms of colours and textures as well. So, you may find it difficult in finding the best option. However, you can find the one that fits your home.

6- Cleaning  of vinyl plank flooring 

Columbus Flooring Stores mentioned that to maintain the looks, clean vinyl planks daily. For this purpose, a broom, or mop will work. Simply take a mop and swipe away all dirty. However for deep cleaning never use a harsh chemical. Take mild detergents and clean the floor with a microfiber cloth. No waxing or polishing is required. Vinyl plank flooring owns a wear layer that keeps the shine of the floor.

7- Installation of vinyl plank flooring 

As compared to other types, vinyl planks are easy to install. Unlike hardwood, this flooring needs no professional hiring. If you can handle the DIY projects, you can easily install them. However, if you are going to install it yourself, don’t forget to read the manufacturers guide. Indeed there is a certain technique you have to follow. So don’t overlook the guide. 

Vinyl planks vs laminate

Because both vinyl planks and laminate closely resemble hardwood. People usually get perplexed. So, homeowners usually find it a tough task. Indeed it’s overwhelming to choose between them. However vinyl is still superior to laminate.

Both floorings have the same installation. In fact, both have a click-lock method. These are floating floors. However, the cutting method is different for both. Viny floors are easy to cut with just a simple knife. On the other hand, a strong tool is required to cut laminates.

Vinyl has got good water resistance. As compared to vinyl laminate is not fully waterproof. Moreover, there is no annoying sound while walking on vinyl. Moreover, laminate floors are unstable without underlayments. So it’s a major drawback. 

Vinyl is available in myriads of qualities. You can choose any style and design of your choice. On the other hand, laminate has no such properties.  Vinyl floors are smooth without any extra texturising. However laminate floors are hard and need extra coatings. Lastly, vinyl is a more preferable choice as compared to laminate. Because it has many additional advantages. So wight both the flooring and than buy.


Finally, So, if you are looking for a flooring renovation, consider vinyl plank flooring. Regardless of the space, these floors work well in all situations. However, if you are still confused. Remember luxury vinyl tiles are the most popular options in the United States.

Yes, it’s quite overwhelming to choose the right flooring. But if you are still looking for something that is durable and affordable. go for vinyl plank flooring. Last but not least luxury vinyl flooring is worth the investment. Perhaps it’s easy to install and needs no extensive upkeep as well.

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